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Spec Ops: The Line Review

Spec Ops the line is a predictable first person shooter that is relatively satisfying for FPS fans. It is formulaic action. You have seen it all before. There is however a unique twist. It puts you in situations where you need to make huge decisions that drastically affect peoples lives. Consequently your morality has a huge impact on the game.

Your environment that you are surrounded by is one of the most interesting. Dubai was once the playground for the wealthy. It has fallen to cataclysmic sandstorms. Now only defunct dunes and canyons exist. This makes a major impact in the gameplay affecting you and your enemies. American soldiers are located here after they could not make it out of the sandstorms. The mass exodus leaves a story behind. There are abandoned cars and many of the places scream for help.

On a technical level the sound is average. The graphics are only adequate and do not compare favourably to games like Killzone 3 or Call Of Duty. They do the job and the game is reasonably entertaining. Game play is very predictable. You get a variety of millitary guns, but the action is basically take cover and shoot the enemies. Gameplay is not that varied. Mediocre as this sounds it actually is quite entertaing.

US Army Colonel John Konrad and his team stayed behind to help protect those who could not flee the sandstorms. You play US Army Captain Martin Walker. The US Army has picked up a weak distress signal and decided to send you and your elite team to rescue Konrad. The campaign is short about 6 to 7 hours in length. The campaign is a decent affair. This is what the developer Cory Davis said about the multiplayer in a recent interview: "low-quality Call of Duty clone in third-person" and a "waste of money". Cory said that the multiplayer was outsourced and and just a tool to make more money. He also indicated that it cast a dark cloud over the game as the look and feel was disparate to the campaign and there were very few users who played online.

Decent above average game where the story sets it apart from the mediocre technical side of the game.


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